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During the outbreak, bacteria are everywhere. Are you worried about bacterial infection?

Do you believe that there are hand soap that can sterilize and make kids love to wash hands?

Are you worried that your child doesn't like to wash his hands will affect his health?

There are so many hand soap, are you hard to choose?

Are you worried about the high shipping cost of normal hand soap?

CAYCH DIY Foam Hand Soap, Kids Love Toy & Gift

MAXSEE focus on cleaning detergent manufacturing and marketing for 18 years. we are always innovation, development and exceed ourselves.

Why choose CAYCH Foam Hand Soap

  • The first DIY foam hand soap, let kids keep health and happy
  • New technology and new business with no competitors
  • High profits for being CAYCH distributor
  • Great demand at and after Covid-19, with wide market
  • Strong distributor supports

CAYCH makes children fall in love with hand washing

CAYCH uses the new technology ( Silver ions)for hands 99.9% sterilization and add skin cream, gentle and not stimulating, also a toy&gift let kids have more fun,kids can DIY a special hand soap by themselves,only need 4 steps very easy DIY.

CAYCH has a wide range of applications

CAYCH is a widely application product with high repurchase rate, popular in school, online store, supermarket, kids toy store, kids gift store etc, so when kids back to school there will have a huge demand of CAYCH.

Low cost, higher profit

CAYCH has the unique package, only beads together with the empty bottle, no liquid inside bottle, more easier and cheaper for transportation and reselling.

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